What is a Lie?

In the news I often hear people accuse others of lying. For example, look at the headline of this article:


Yet, have we ever taken a moment to understand what it means to lie?

Dictoinary.com says that a lie is “a false statement made with the SELRES_45ce4555-1689-4a4a-affd-4a31ea6ac2b7SELRES_c9e68e22-2f9c-4086-abc8-6d55ca3e9895SELRES_d874f10e-dc07-47d5-b635-e23dfad16053deliberate intent
SELRES_d874f10e-dc07-47d5-b635-e23dfad16053SELRES_c9e68e22-2f9c-4086-abc8-6d55ca3e9895SELRES_45ce4555-1689-4a4a-affd-4a31ea6ac2b7 to deceive.” The key phrase that jumps out at me is “deliberate intent to deceive.” Meaning If I tell you something that is False, however I did not mean to “deceive” you that is not a lie. So what is it?

I found in my searching the following discussion on this topic …


I need to look through this to see what I can glean off of the discussion. My initial impressions things may turn into lies; however, on the onset I don’t think this is the original intent.

I think some times people aren’t lying they are just mistaken …

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