Sam’s Vegan Update

Well, I am now 189.9 lbs. So, I finally broke the 190 lbs barrier. I am sure that it will probably take about week before I am firmly out of that range but it is good to know it is possible.

So, I have a theory about Vegans, but before I get there I have talk about me a little.  You see eating meat is what I grew up with. Milk, meat and potatoes was what I was brought up on. It is ingrain in to who I am. A Texas boy who worked on ranch grew up in center of the state surrounded by barbeque. It is part of who I was …

So back to my theory. I think that Vegans are so “militant” in their thoughts is because the life choice is hard. They are choosing to give up part of their past and much of that past is fill will awesome memories. When they go to the grocery store and pass by the meat isle they remember the barbecue parties during high school. They can smell the smoke from that pit their father lit up. So, it blunts the pain of temptation by saying stuff like poor cow, or think of the animals feelings etc. etc. Unfortunately, for me, I don’t feel those feeling. I feel no shame for eating meat. It is purely because I don’t want to feel the pain that it has given me. I don’t want gout, I don’t want kidney stones, and I really really don’t want to experience a heart attack.

So here is my theory… I think most vegans really don’t care that a person is drinking liquid from the tit of a cow. They have to come up with these graphic images the dissuade them from their own inner temptations. It is what it is….

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