Sam’s Vegan Update

I weighted in at 188.1 lbs this morning. I believe that a lot of that loss was due to water because I went on a long walk (6 miles) yesterday and I did not get a lot to drink. So I suspect that I will gain it back throughout the day.

I am not having as difficult a time sticking to my diet as I though I would. I have found that it really helps to listen to the Experts that I have listed on my Diet Research page. Sometimes they are so boring that it puts me to sleep so I am not thinking about that hamburger … other times they bring up topics that are really interesting to me like what vitamins I need. (There are a lot of opinions. So far B12 and D3 seems to be in consensus.)

I am not sure a lot of people read my post but it really helps when people acknowledge my struggle. I am trying my best to make this a lifestyle change not a diet. I have tried the diet thing and it just does not work for me.

Well onto the weekend.

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