Sam’s Vegan Update

Well my weight went up but I think the reason is that I started to drink a lot of water right before bed. I weighed in at 189.5. I am trying to increase my water intake because I think I have been dehydrated and just did not know about it. Soo, before it becomes too much an issue I am going to up my fluid intake. That said water weighs quite a bit so my weight probably will reflect that until my body stabilizes in the next couple of days.

Well, I am going to probably do a Carrot page this week and I have started to look more closely at how the endothelium works. I think understanding this is one of the keys to why the Vegan diet seems to be so successful. Although I am all the way Vegan for personal reasons (Mainly, gout, kidney stones etc.) I am not a meat hater. I grew up on in so I sympathize with those who love their steak. I think that it is worth while on learn the truth and not closing my mind to all solutions.

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