Sam’s Vegan Update

Well, what a pleasant surprise I woke up this morning weighing in at 187.6 lbs … I am not sure where that weight went but I will take it as a victory. Also, I know I must be doing well because my wife is trying to get me to purchase new shorts and pants because she says they are starting to look funny on me.

I do notice that on nights that on nights that my weight drops I tend to have a difficult time getting to sleep. It is almost like I am restless. Probably a coincidence. Also last night I had the worst craving for a hamburger ever … The funny thing is … I rarely ate hamburgers even before the diet. I think my mind is play games with me.

How I get around these my tricks is I listen to #PamPopper videos at night. It like having a conscience constantly talking me out of cheating. It really works. If you really want to sleep well just listen to one of the panel discussion from The Real Truth about Health it is guaranteed after an hour or so take you right to never never land.

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