Sam’s Vegan Update

I hit a new weight this morning 185.7 lbs! Crazy right! Just think on July 4th I was about 212 lbs …. That is a bit of a change. My doctor’s appointment is December 5th so that is my target date. We will see what I can achieve. My real goal is to get my BMI between 23 and 25. It is just something to shoot for.

As I have been diving into this Vegan world. I will say I like to eat this way but I don’t like all the PETA this and Environmental that. I find that it distracts me from learning about the nutrition itself. I like learning about the fruits, vegetables … cooking methods … digestive system etc. I think there is enough rich things to learn about the nutrients to fill a lifetime.

Not to say I don’t care about the environment. I just find it a topic that distracts me from focusing on my health and my families health.

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