Sam’s Vegan Update

I weighted in at 186.0 lbs this morning.  I am hoping to be comfortably below 185 lbs this week but You never know. I just have to remind myself that this is a marathon not  a spring.

You know I have a dream. I want to create a place (spa like) where people can go get classes on how to cook Vegan food. Have guest speakers talk about Vegan diets. Meet doctors willing to support a Vegan lifestyle.

I would also like to learn why non plant based foods seem to cause so much problems. Is it that we just eat too much of it or is it just bad. For example, I really really love Blue Bell Ice Cream, but since it is made of Milk … I just don’t eat it anymore. I know I know … that is like saying I love Cocaine I just don’t snort it any more. … I get it. However, I bet you that if I ate too many Bananas that I would have have issues as well, meaning sometimes it is good to know the whys…

Anyway, Colorado is a pretty healthy state and I think that it could use a place where like minded healthy people could learn from each other.



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