Diet Research

Well, after suffering through 17 kidney stones, gout, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol I thought it was high time I started to understand what is really wrong with me.

My biggest guess is that it has a lot to do with what I am putting in my mouth each day. So I am going to update this page to keep track of all the information I come across.

One thing to note many vegans are very environmentally “crazy” … I mean conscience I choose to fast forward through the rants … I mean “discussions” and focus on my health.

Topics to explore:

Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study

” The KIHD Study is an ongoing prospective population-based cohort study designed to investigate risk factors for CVD, atherosclerosis and related outcomes in middle-aged men from eastern Finland, the population with one of the highest recorded rates of CHD.” (Source)

Getting Started

I had lunch with a good friend of mine and he wanted to know what I suggested for him to do just to get started. Well, I am not an expert like the people I have listed below, but I am suggesting to him to take a look at the following videos. I found them very enlightening and helpful for me.

  1. PlantPure Nation – MUST SEE Documentary
  2. The End of Dieting, How to Prevent Disease by Joel Fuhrman MD
  3. The Nutritional Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease: Fact or Fiction
  4. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease The Revolutionary Nutrition-Based Solution
  5. Taking the Die out of Diet – with Author Kim A. Williams
  6. Treating Autoimmune Disease – with Author Pamela Popper

People of interest:

Other Medical People (i.e not necessarily plat based.)

Links of interest:

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